Conveyancing Foundation Charity Fundraising

Conveyancing Foundation Charity Fundraising reaches £1 Million Milestone!

Here at Sam Hawking Property Lawyers we love to give back, so when provided with the opportunity to get involved in the Conveyancing foundation lotto we jumped at the chance.

Since its inception in 2010, the Conveyancing Foundation has raised an amazing £1 million for Charity!
This extraordinary accomplishment has been made possible through numerous fundraising events, industry challenges and the unwavering support of many Conveyancing Legal Practices like ourselves.

To enter the Charity Lotto, clients make a £10 charity donation at the end of their property transaction for a chance to win the monthly prize draw of £500.

For more information on getting involved in this mazing scheme and how we can assist you in obtaining your dream property call us on 01639 884884/ 01269 842711