Sale Fees

Property PriceLegal FeeVAT
£0 - £100,000£600£120£720
£100,000 - £200,000£675£135£810
£200,000 - £300,000£750£150£900
£300,000 - £400,000£850£170£1,020
£400,000 - £500,000£950£190£1,140
£500,000 - £600,000£1,150£230£1,380
£600,000 - and over0.2%20% of legal fee


Disbursements/ CostsLegal FeeVAT
Index Map Search (application to registry to check if property is registered)£4.00
Official copies and plan (land registry title documents)£6.00
Telegraphic transfer fee (bank fee on transfer of funds)£30.00£6
Leasehold Supplement (if applicable)£250.00£50


The fees listed above will only cover the services mentioned and are based on a national average timescale of approximately 12-16 weeks. If your matter requires additional work that is not included in this estimate or you require a quicker turnaround this will be discussed with your solicitor/licensed conveyancer, and you will be informed of any additional cost at the earliest possible time.  Matters typically exceed the quoted fee when they are particularly complicated, e.g. properties with a second charge secured on the title require more work.

All matters are dealt with by a qualified solicitor/licensed conveyancer.  Any work carried out on their behalf by their legal assistant and/or trainee will be subject to their direct supervision and on their instructions.