Probate Fees

Grant Only
Grant only - IHT 205£850 (Plus VAT)
Grant only - IHT 400£1500 (Plus VAT)


Grant and administration of the estate

IHT 205
Simple - 4 beneficiaries or less£1500 (Plus VAT)
Complex - 4+ beneficiaries£2000 (Plus VAT)


IHT 400
a) Fee band a:

- Minimum beneficairies
- Basic savings accounts
- Basic NS&I bonds
- Basic premium bonds
- ISA accounts
- Non complex* liabilities
- Non complex* IHT payment

£1500 - Grant
£1000 - Administration

Total cost - £2500 (Plus VAT)
b) Fee band b:

All of the above plus:
- Under 5 beneficiaries
- Non complex* - minimum shares
- More complex* or multiple liabilities
- IHT payment

£1500 - Grant
£1500 - Administration

Total cost - £3000 (Plus VAT)
c) Fee band c:

All of the above plus:
- 5 plus beneficiaries
- Multiple shares
- Complex* or multiple liabilities
- Complex* IHT payments
- Liaising with bank to release IHT payments
- Business
- Farm

£1500 - Grant
£2000 - £5000 Administration (to be decided on the discretion of the Fee Earner)

Total cost - £3500 - £6500 (Plus VAT) (to be decided on the discretion of the fee earner)

**if there is a property, then conveyancing costs will be charged in addition – please follow the current conveyancing fee scale**


Executors Costs
Costs for acting as executors - Non Complex*£350 (Plus VAT)
Costs for acting as executors - Complex*£700 (Plus VAT)



The fees listed are a basic estimate it is very difficult to estimate the likely cost of obtaining a Grant of Representation and administering an Estate. The most important factor to be taken into account is the time spent in dealing with the matter. There are also other factors such as the complexity and urgency of the matter. You will be informed of costs in relation to probate at regular intervals throughout the process.

All matters are dealt with by a qualified solicitor/licensed conveyancer.  Any work carried out on their behalf by their legal assistant and/or trainee will be subject to their direct supervision and on their instructions.

*whether the matter is complex or non-complex will be stipulated on the Fee Earners discretion.